Saturday, 16 June 2018

Visiting WW2 Aircraft in Lincolnshire

Dambusters 75th Anniversary 

Visit RAF Coningsby & Lincolsnshire Aviation Museum

On May 17th we visited RAF Coningsby & Lincolshire Aviation Museum which was the former Bomber Base known as RAF East Kirby. The planned flight over the Derwent Reservoir on the 16th was unfortunately cancelled due to adverse weather conditions but the following day Lancaster Bomber PA474 of the BBMF would take to the skies with Dambuster Veteran Bomb Aimer Johnny Johnson.

3 Lancasters used in the 1950s film
The Dambusters

Please click on the link to view a short film about our visit and the take off of PA474

At former RAF East kirby we visited "Just Jane" Lancaster NX611 which is preserved by the Panton Brothers in memory of their brother who died on Lancasters in WW2. The aircraft has been restored to near flying capability and on certain days she fires up and taxis with paying passengers who are eager to experience what it feels like when 4 merlin engines roar in to action. We were fortunate to be able to film Just Jane as she beat up the field (Also on the film linked above).

Johnny Johnson at Memorial

Johnny Johnson was escorted into Lancaster PA474 then flown over the Derwent Dam to once again relive part of his integrel training which took place in the Peak District & Wales as they honed their skills for the pending mission in May 1943.

The breaching of the dams caused steel production to halt and it also consumed vital resources of man power to repair them again. The manpower which was better served elsewhere meant important work was stopped. The Dams Raid has had many controversal attacks and claims of its efficiency , however in the fog of 6 year war I think it unfair to scrutinize or doubt its worth as a mission, our eyes and views of the 21st century have no place in the views shared at the time in 1943.

The Mohne Dam

The only thing that can be learned from such war is that is the worst kind of method to make a point or gain control as there are no winners.

"Of the nineteen Lancasters that took off with combined crews of 133 men 8 aircraft were lost and 53 men died and 3 became prisoners of war"

Thursday, 23 November 2017

East Kirkby Hideaway Campsite

East Kirkby Hideaway Campsite

Clink on Link to view Travel Vlog -

Travelling to Lincolnshire to persue aviation heritage from my youth I needed a base that gave me the option to plonk myself right in the middle of today's front line Air Force Jets and the beauty of the aircraft of yesteryear. The Campsite that fits the bill for me is the above mentioned campsite in East Kirkby. Nestled on the A155 and within walking distance of the beautiful Lancaster Bomber "Just Jane" and a mere 8 mile drive from the Air Base at RAF Coningsby which is home to the Typhoon and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight "What more could you want!".

"Just Jane" 
The campsite welcomes people from all walks of life also dogs and children are welcome. There are little tables to sit in the summer sun and enjoy the passing aircraft going to and from Coningsby which could be a fast jet or 4 roaring merlins of the "Lanc" or you could put one foot in front of the other and visit the museum where "Just Jane" resides.

Parking is spacious and well sheltered from the winds by tall hedges. 

East Kirkby Hideaway
1-3 Main Road
PE23 4BY

Tel 01709 763733 email -

Facilities on hand are :
Electric Hook Up
Showers & Toilets
Shop on site

Malcolm & Julie are only too happy to welcome you and offer advice of what is available in the immediate area to make your stay a memorable and relaxing one.

A short walk in to the village and you will find The Red Lion which was a popular watering hole for ground crew and the pilots of RAF East Kirkby during WW2, there is a room dedicated to the memory of them and even one of the tables still bears the names inscribed in the wood from all those years ago.

A table where crews scratched their names 

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Pilgrim Fathers Caravan Park - Scrooby

Pilgrim Fathers Caravan Park - Scrooby

The well kept grass of grass of the campsite is a pleasure to park on.

Scrooby is easy to find as you come off the A1 North or the Doncaster Road and as you head along the main road into Scrooby along the Great North Road (A638) and if you click on the link below you will be able to see where the Pilgrim Fathers Pub is located which is also the entrance to the lane which leads to the Caravan Park.
If your looking for peace and quiet and still not far from major transport routes then this site offers just that.

Here is a little insight into the history of Scrooby and the Pilgrim Fathers - There are few rural villages with which the early history of the colonization of the United States is entwined in so interesting a manner as it is with that of Scrooby, a little cluster of cottages surrounded by a few larger residences near the Great Northern Railway, between Retford and Bawtry. The tiny river Ryton still runs its course, as it has done for centuries, spanned at one end of the village street by a water-mill, the ancient stones of which bear the names of the people who cut them in 1710.
Scrooby, now so little noticed, was once the seat of the Archbishops of York, and, curiously enough, in its old archiepiscopal mansion the leaders of the Pilgrim Fathers met here they had completed their project for colonizing New England. 
Pilgrim Fathers Leaving Plymouth
There is a small travel video to go with the blog which helps to describe the campsite and immediate location in more detail -

To book on the campsite contact: 
Pilgrim Fathers Caravan Park
Saracen Lane
Great North Road
Scrooby, Nr Doncaster
DN10 6AS Tel 01302 711031
Units accepted:    Tents  Caravans  Motorhomes 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Porth Ysgaden - Overnight and Swimming Vlog

Porth Ysgaden

Beautiful Porth Ysgaden is situated just up from Morfa Nefyn on the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales. Its a great place to walk, fish, swim or just enjoy the views and the wildlife in any season. In fact the fishing can be very rewarding.

Tracy regularly beats me when it comes to catching

But it isn't for want of trying!!
After a day kayaking or swimming or walking its nice to unwind and take in the views on offer of the Irish Sea.

Parking is easy and overnight is allowed, but for all the info have a look at the travel vlog video by clicking on the link below

Below is a map to help you get into location:

If you enjoy snorkelling this place is well worth a try and here is a video link for you to see for yourselves just how clear and inviting the water really is, again click on the link:

Snorkelling Porth Ysgaden -

I hope you enjoy Porth Ysgaden as much as we do and maybe someday you'll see us there too!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Cemaes Bay - Angelsey - Travel Vlog

Cemaes Bay - Angelsey

We took ourselves from Holyhead for a short drive to the sleepy coastal town of Cemaes Bay to the Nth East of the Island. Its a beautiful little place and readily warms to passing visitors who pop by to spend a day or night whilst on the move around Angelsey.

We stayed in the car park to the far end of the town which in the dead of night the only sounds are the waves gently ushering you to sleep. Its a great spot for walking and beach combing or if you fancy a little historical venture a 4th century"Llanbadrig Church of St. Patrick" awaits you just over the hill along the bay, and is also a beautiful and scenic coastal walk what ever the weather.

The town has a quaint little harbour with a Harbour Master resident and is filled with small vessels which are for mainly pleasure and only echo the very distant past of its heritage from long ago as a busy port. Fishing trips and sight seeing trips for Dolphins, Minky Whales even Orca! can be booked directly from the harbour simply enquire.

There are some eateries on the high street and places for refreshment of an evening and I would recommend any them.

Parking is paid at the little kiosk and snack bar during the day
£2 for a full day Parking
£15 for overnight
The toilets are open all day and closed at night on the main car park and they also have fresh drinking water.

View of the Bay

Here is a map of the Town and the Bay

Here is a Travel Vlog of Cemaes -
(Simply click on the link or paste into your browser)

Thank you for checking out another Vlog and happy travels everyone and "be lucky"

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Holyhead Mountain Walk - Angelsey

Holyhead Mountain Walk - Angelsey

The Breakwater View

We parked up at the bottom car park at the South Stack and decided to have a look where the paths to our right led to. We st off toward the RSPB Cafe and then off to the right along the first path. The walk ways are pretty sturdy under foot but do diminish as you climb higher toward the base of Holyhead Mountain.

I would recommend decent foot wear that supports the ankle but you could get away with trainers in the dry months "Yes there are dry months on the island!".

The views didn't disappoint as we began to climb and we decided to go as far as Tracy would allow for the day as she has a fear of heights and occasionally likes to take on her phobia head on and give it a run for its money but she knows when to stop too.

We took the route that led us from the point labelled number 8 on the map and proceeded via numbers 3, 5 and almost to 4 before Tracy and myself decided it was enough for one day and would save the view of the North Stack for another day.

This is our view from the No 5 on the map above, she does well to put up with me filming, stopping and constantly editing our life onto moving pictures.

Here is a link to the video

So if your fancying a park up around the Stacks of Angelsey and a bit of stretch in between enjoying the views of the island please take a trip and make a memory or two and don't forget your camera!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles - Angelsey

Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles - Angelsey

The remains of 20 or so farmstead huts are worth a visit if you are on Holy Island especially if your to do list includes the South Stack at Holyhead. They huts are over 2.5 thousand years old and the were the homes of some of the very first farmers.

The views are stunning in 360 direction and make for a pleasant afternoon walk. The car par is right opposite the huts and its free parking.

I have made a short travel vlog to support this blog and it helps to show the terrain and the points of interest.
Also where to park, thankfully the weather was fantastic on the day of filming.

The video link (just click to open) -

If you want to find out more about and how to get to the Hut Circles you can visit this link

Thank you for viewing my vlog and I hope you have a read of my other vlogs which give hints and tips on places to visit whilst Wales.